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Originally from the U.K., Charmian (pronounced char-me-an) stopped to visit her brother who was already living on the Naramata Bench.  Like so many before her, fell in love with the area and soon decided to make this her home.  Having dual citizenship made it easy to do.  Found quickly a job in sales and soon met one of the tenants that rented some disused space out back of where she worked.

Ken (pronounced ken) hailed from Calgary, was about halfway through building a custom 40’ boat.   Coming from a boating family herself, Charmian soon found, as well as boating, they had common interests in the outdoors, food, wine, music and having a good laugh!  Soon marriage came along and the first year and a half lived on board the newly built boat named Mañana.   Next purchased their first home in beloved Naramata.   Later moved five doors down to their present house which offered much more room.

Soon and arriving early, there was a third little voice running around.  Her name being Ceadra (pronounced c-dra).   Shortly after, a family friendly Bed & Breakfast Suite was created and enjoyed by many since.

Boating is never far away and “Rigmarole” a 26’ sailboat is kept in the bay below.   Not surprisingly, there’s a boat theme throughout the house including the Suite.   Paying homage to the Okanagan’s boating past.

One of the first B&B’s in Naramata and now in our 16th season of operation.  Our doors have been open to guests to find the fantastic-ness of Naramata.   Naramata Suite Dreams has become a yearly destination for many  guests, some who have become best friends and not just paying customers.  


As your hosts, we are always willing to pass on our knowledge of the history of the area and the many things to see and do!


Charmian , Ken and Ceadra welcome you to their little magic kingdom!

Charmian and Ken Hardardt

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